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 The String Connection Brings You Great Rental and Lease Programs

    Violin leases starting at $100.00 per school year (MOSTLY USED & VIOLINS) .. SALES TAX ADDITIONAL

     Brand new 3/4 and 4/4 size violin outfits $165.00 per school year (INCLUDES SHOP ADJUSTMENT & SUPER SENSITIVE STRINGS) SALES TAX ADDITIONAL

    Equivalent 13" & 14" viola outfits slightly more

   Rental credit applies to purchase 

    Generous Trade-In/Trade-Up Policy 

    Large Violas available...Call for details

    We also carry school district required books, shoulder pads and accessories


      Every Instrument Is Shop Adjusted And Inspected To Insure Playing Satisfaction

      All Of Our Instruments Are School Approved

      Our Store Is Open Six Days A Week For Service, Repair, And Supplies

      In-House Repair Technician On Staff

      Professional Teachers For Violin, Viola, And Cello


1.         Don Simpson, the owner/operator of The String Connection, has been selling, renting, and repairing stringed instruments for over 25 years.  When you walk in The String Connection, you will find him there working.   Over 25 years of hands-on experience is there to help you with your violin needs.

2.         Don personally selects, buys, and inspects inventory.  The String Connection philosophy is to search for value and quality at the best price so that this can be passed on to the customer.  A cheap price alone simply guarantees a cheap instrument and that is all.

3.         Don personally sets-up all of our stringed instruments.  This is called a shop adjustment and guarantees that you will receive an affordable, quality instrument that meets and plays to school district specifications.   All our instruments come with Super Sensitive strings which is an upgrade over cheap imported strings. 

4.         The String Connection is located for your convenience in southwest Arlington and has hours to accommodate most customers.

5.         The String Connection has private lessons, all the strings and accessories you need, and a fully equipped stringed instrument repair shop.  We also have quality instruments for advanced students.


1.          Are there any benefits to playing a musical instrument?  ABSOLUTELY YES!   Learning to play an instrument improves self-esteem, work habits, social skills, and team work.  Numerous developmental research studies have shown a direct correlation between music study and increases in math and language skills, and abstract reasoning skills.  It is also great fun!

2.         Are all violins the same?  No.  In todays manufacturing and importing market, virtually all lower priced instruments will come from overseas.  Quality, regardless of price, can vary enormously.  The String Connection has an established reputation and can assist you in selecting the right instrument.   Again, lowest price alone does not guarantee anything except the lowest price, quality and functionality must be considered.

3.         What does a violin need to play properly?  You would not expect a student instrument to sound like a professional instrument, but there are some things that it must do to be functional.  It must be fairly easy for the student to play, it must tune easily, and it must stay in tune.  All of these are improved with a good shop adjustment.  The teachers in their classroom do not have time to tune every instrument every day because of time restrictions and number of students.  Your student will have more instruction time and playing time if they have less tuning time. 

4.         How do we know what size instrument to get?  If your teacher has told you, thats the size to get.  The String Connection staff can also properly size your child.  If an instrument is too large for the student, their finger span is not wide enough to reach the notes properly.  The result is they will either play out of tune or create excess tension in their hand by attempting to play in tune. 

5.         How long will this violin last?  If your child starts on a smaller than full size instrument, they will have to upgrade for size.  As your student gains ability and musicianship, they will also need to trade up or upgrade for quality.  At that point, you must decide how advanced your student is and what you can reasonably afford.